O’Reilly wrote up the meeting.

Here’s the translation into English:

150 Haskeller were excited! “Haskellers Meeting 2010 Spring” was held in IIJ conference room, Kanda, Tokyo on April 16th. Simon Peyton Jones who is admired by Haskellers and also one of the authors of “Beautiful Code” gave a talk on “Haskell and Software Transaction Memory”. This is a same topic described in chapter 24 of “Beautiful code” and chapter 28 of “Real World Haskell”. The presentation of Simon-san was so attractive and wonderful just like he’d made legendary speech “How to give a good research talk”. All we could sense his love for Haskell through his talk. Subsequently, Kazu Yamamoto who is the translation supervisor of our book “PGP” (unfortunately it is out of print) talked about “Experience on implementing a Web server in Haskell”, and Nobuo Yamashita, who is one of the translators of “Real World Haskell” gave a speech of “Yet Another Purely Functional Expression for Interaction”. The room was filled excitement because of Haskeller’s terrible heat though the outside was so chilly that it snowed first time in 41 years for middle April.At the same time, Simon-san is also an interviewee of “Masterminds of Programming” which is our new book. This is an interview collection of creators of influential programming languages. Simon-san appears in chapter 8 HASKELL with Paul Hudak and Philip Wadler. The Japanese version will be published this fall if everything goes well. Don’t miss it!